Painkiller EP

Out on: Inside Out Records


1. Painkiller (Original Mix)

Stevie R

2. Painkiller (Ted Alexander Remix)

Stevie R

3. Painkiller (Nick Devon In Your Dreams Remix)

Stevie R

4. Painkiller (JMP & DJ Freespirit Remix)

Stevie R


In his first year in London,a young but promising producer has achieved many things, from production school to active participation in the establishment of new label, Inside Out Records. Still, Stevie R never neglected his primary enjoyment during this hectic time. “Painkiller” is one of the results of working during recess from other things. And for such a period, it sounds as the work of a fully dedicated person. And in fact, Stevie R is indeed one of them.

A refreshing deep house tune, upholding the basics of the genre, yet enhancing them and experimenting in various ways, a rare sight for younger artists. Sweet bass line, nice non-tiring kicks, ambient sounds and low vocals sounding like subliminal rites, producing a sensual result that should satisfy the demanding deep house listener. Remarkable rise and drop of intensity during different parts of the track, mid voices spanning across a few measures to enrich the different parts, and many other little touches, make the track sound refreshing even after many hearings.

“Painkiller” is indeed a work of a matured musician, even if the young producer has been active for very little time. We are eagerly waiting for more work from the talented artist, with all hopes that quality will rise to even higher standards. Overall, if you like deep house tunes and enjoy hearing younger artists “Painkiller” is certainly worth a shot. It is very likely to become part of your most frequent playlist.

The remixes of “Painkiller” were assigned to the expert hands of Ted Alexander, Nick Devon and JMP & DJ Freespirit. By manipulating the parts of the track and adjusting them to their unique style, they delivered different versions, adding their own taste to the existing trippy character of the track.


Release: IOR001

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