Lost Little Girl EP

Out on: Inside Out Records


1. Lost Little Girl (Original Mix)

Stevie R, Ian Mckenzie

2. Lost Little Girl (Roland Appel Remix)

Stevie R, Ian Mckenzie

3. Lost Little Girl (Aki Bergen Remix)

Stevie R, Ian Mckenzie

4. Lost Little Girl (Alex Zed Remix)

Stevie R, Ian Mckenzie


Inside Out Records returns with Stevie R and Ian Mckenzie at hand to register another fine jewel within its growing catalogue of releases. The London based label, still within its early stages, has maintained its philosophy of delivering high quality underground music and ‘Lost Little Girl’ is no exception.

Title track ‘Lost Little Girl’ is driven by a relentless bassline that knocks ambient echoes through a medley of exotic eastern sounds. Cradled by devilishly mystifying vocals, ‘Lost Little Girl’ is an enigmatically beautiful track that is full to the brim with atmosphere and the heart of Stevie R and Ian Mckenzie.

Aki Bergen takes aim at the first of three remixes featured on the EP. Shuffling its way through the flashing lights of the midnight dancefloor, Aki Bergen produces a remix overwhelmed with energy and ready for the evenings festivities.

Roland Appel takes a darker twist on things with a remix that moves with alarm and urgency. Broken strings reverberate against swarming synth chords that are carried by a progressive and ever building beat.

An eerie end to this eclectically diverse EP, as Alex Zed puts a curiously endearing touch to the original. A pulsing bassline is stirred up with a peddling beat and sharp synth work that comes in and out of the light.


Release: IOR002

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