We take things in a more house oriented direction this episode. The show starts off with a Traumer remix on a lounge classic by Melody Gardot. We embrace the summer vibes with our In the Groove segment, with a track off of an Octave One vinyl. London based producer and DJ, Stevie R, joins us for villain sessions with a deep house mix that organically flows as it progresses. We end off the show with a vaporwave anthem for our after hours segment.

1. *FEATURED TRACK* Melody Gardot – Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Traumer Remix)
2. *IN THE GROOVE* Octave One – Just Don’t Speak (Blue Sunset Instrumental) [430 West] 3. *VILLAIN SESSIONS* w/ Stevie R
4. *AFTER HOURS* Macintosh Plus – Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing [Beer On The Rug]

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